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Bali Jacuzzi & Pools is a Australia's best built portable and below ground spa and pools. We've been designing, manufacturing and installing quality swimming pool, jacuzzi, bathtub and other sanitary wear for over 20 years. Our innovative approach to design has been awarded many times.


Stress Relief

Relax Lie back and let the stress and tensions of the day melt away..., there's nothing quite like a relaxing spa. It was the ancient Greeks and Romans who first discovered the healing properties of water.

Today, those qualities are being rediscovered by the medical profession as a natural therapy to relax both the body and the mind, and to bring relief from many different ailments.

Careful application in the science of ergonomics has been employed in the sitting of our extensive range of jet positions and seating styles to provide the optimum accommodation in the space available. The jet are placed in precisely the right position to target key pressure points on your body to achieve the desired hydrotherapy effect. Sculptured head and neck supporting pillows cradle you in precisely the right position. For relaxation, a therapeutic massage, or just personal indulgence, nothing comes close to the luxury of a Jetmaster Int. spa.

Built-in or portable ? Three person to eight ? Square or octagonal ? The choice is yours.
At Pools & Spas we have a wide range of spas to choose from. You simply choose the one that meets your personal requirements and budget. Whichever model you choose, you can relax in the knowledge that it has been handcrafted right here in Australia. W e have been designing, manufacturing and installing a superior range of top quality, award- winning swimming pools and fiberglass spas for over 20 years.

The ultimate in living

Every Spa is designed for maximum comfort and support. Cleverly molded arm rests and headrests are standard on every model, and each design is researched and tested to complement the contours of your body.
The Spas shell and portable cabinets are made to the highest standards and come with a ten year structural guarantee. For relaxation, therapeutic massage or just personal indulgence, nothing comes close to the luxury of a Spa.

10 Reasons why you should get into Bali Jacuzzi, Pools & Spas:

  1. Relief from Arthritic Pain
  2. Reduces stress and tension
  3. Great for kids
  4. Soothes muscle and joint aches
  5. Cool off in summer
  6. Increases property value
  7. Reduces insomnia
  8. Home entertainment
  9. Ideal before and after exercise
  10. Adds romance


Are bigger rotating jets ( than pulsating swirls ) designed to provide swirling therapy over a larger area.
The full pressure massaging action and wide coverage makes it the most powerful muscle reliever in your spa.


Two micro - flow jets strategically positioned about water line to soothe and massage the muscles in the back of your neck on both sides of your spine.


Produce by two jets : a pulsating swirl jet and a maxi - flow jet, positioned at your lower back to erase stress, invigorate and provide a new sense of freedom in movement.


Three jets work together to relieve both shoulders of muscle pain and general tension. Two mini-swirl jets and one therapy massage jet are focused on relieving those tense and achy muscles along the neck and shoulders.


Depending on the model, you'll get two or four mini-swirl jets to make your feet forget their burden.


Three maxi-flow jets work together to provide a leg massage that will make you come back for more.


Five jets ! Three maxi-flow and two pulsating swirl jets are positioned to provide simultaneous massage therapy across the top, middle and lower back.

Finest spa experience

In selecting a Bali Jacuzzi Pools & Spas you are giving yourself the rare opportunity to own the finest spa in the world. We pride ourselves in having some of the most highly skilled craftsmen on our team employing techniques perfected over years of experience.

Our commitment is dedicated to total product quality. At Bali Jacuzzi Pools & Spas we realize that life today is full of stresses and strains. Anything that aids relaxation, promotes well being, and actually reduces stress and tension, must be considered a benefit.

Optional Product

As well as a long list of standard features Bali Jacuzzi Pools & Spas offer a wide range of optional luxury extras and accessories to make your spa experience even more enjoyable.

  • Hot Seat
  • Ozonator
  • Hydro Jet System
  • Gas Heater
  • Hard Cover
  • Neck Jets
  • Time Clock
  • Aroma Therapy

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